Wednesday, August 29, 2012

WOYWW 169 & Getting my mojo back

I missed last week's WOYWW. I missed a lot of desks over at Julia's Blog.
This week I was determined to join the "craze". So here's my desk for the week.

And here's my side desk. The main desk is actually my brother's, but he opted to use a different computer table so I got to use this one. The unpainted cube rack was made by my uncle. I haven't sand papered it yet but will do when I get back from the errand my mom asked me to. I'm still deciding what color to paint it with.  Also disregard the uchiwa (fan with the face) on the side. I haven't organized my Japanese stuff yet.

Ok. so last week I wasn't able to join the fun but I had been a little crafty since I made a few decorations and desserts for the 1st birthday of my friend's son. But I was to engrossed making the desserts and decors that I actually forgot to take a proper picture of it. So Here are the pictures that the husband of my other friend took during the party.

 *** Warning PIC SPAM AHEAD!
Cake pops & Marshmallow Pops

"Centerpiece for the Kids Buffet Table"

Brownie Cheesecake  (had to cut the animal toppers by had as I do not have a die cut machine, the monkey was the most tedious of all)

Chocolate Spoons
So, this week, I've been trying to get my creative mojo back and I think I got it back some how. Was too engrossed on making treat boxes and printing digital papers.  I think there are a lot more variety in digital papers than in "real" papers. PLus I don't have to buy the entire pack. Although I WANT thos papers. Unfortunately it's not readily available where I am. There are some but it's too limited. So right now digital papers works for me.
Here are some of the boxes...

Apple is upside down... made a mistake when I inserted the paper in the printer.

That's it for this week... 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

WOYWW 167 & Friends...

I'm so late for WOYWW this week. I have been trying to get my creating mojo back but it seems evasive now a days.
     Anyhow, here's my cluttered, non productive workdesk for the week.

     I really wanted to clean up my desk but as it is always raining here, it's feels much better to just curl in bed. heheheh.
     I got late in posting since I went out with my high school friends last night. We visited a friend who just gave birth. I realized that no matter what may have happened in the past, as long as you consider each other friends, all the hurt and ill feelings will just fade away in time.
     We had a HEAVY dinner. When I say heavy I mean heavy. We had a eat all you can Shabu-shabu dinner and went out for margaritas after. I swear I'm never going to eat that many again.
     I wish we'd do this more often... but then well some of them are married and have kids so I guess "often" is out of the picture.

Cheers to being friends forever no matter what.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sidetracked... WOYWW 166

 First things first. Here's my "side desk" for the week. Not showing my "actual" desk since it's the same since last week.

     Main reason why I haven't done anything creative is that I went back to my first love... Reading.  Funny thing is, I said I was not going to read the book because of some reviews saying it isn't nice and stuff.
     I take reading seriously. I can read a novel in just an hour. Maybe that's the reason my eyesight went bad. So when I saw some of the reviews I was discouraged from reading it. I'm partial to the "real" book rather than the digital ebooks. I love turning the pages.  But when a friend sent my the digital copies and said I should read it, I said why not, this might answer the question whether I'm going to buy the paperback or not.

So what's the verdict?

     Well, I can't say I totally Love it, but I enjoyed reading it. There were parts that were totally unnecessary and redundant. It could have been written as 2 books instead of three. But I agree, that there are some parts that kept me entertained.

I know you're curious what the book is... heheh.. Well, it's the Fifty Shades trilogy.

As I've said I enjoyed reading it but not to the point of buying the paperback version.  There were some parts that I liked and mind you it's not "those" parts. And when my friend told me that this started out as a fanfiction, I got curious as I too wrote some fanfiction before. And the story about the author being kicked out ( sorry couldn't find the right term) of the fanfiction community of that fandom, reminded me of some one... Hahahah... Lurky and her zombies.

  So what are the parts that made me giggle?  I love the email parts... those kept me entertained.

Ok stop writing about it for now... I hope I get my creative mojo back... Now head on to Julia's site for more craft desks...