Wednesday, August 29, 2012

WOYWW 169 & Getting my mojo back

I missed last week's WOYWW. I missed a lot of desks over at Julia's Blog.
This week I was determined to join the "craze". So here's my desk for the week.

And here's my side desk. The main desk is actually my brother's, but he opted to use a different computer table so I got to use this one. The unpainted cube rack was made by my uncle. I haven't sand papered it yet but will do when I get back from the errand my mom asked me to. I'm still deciding what color to paint it with.  Also disregard the uchiwa (fan with the face) on the side. I haven't organized my Japanese stuff yet.

Ok. so last week I wasn't able to join the fun but I had been a little crafty since I made a few decorations and desserts for the 1st birthday of my friend's son. But I was to engrossed making the desserts and decors that I actually forgot to take a proper picture of it. So Here are the pictures that the husband of my other friend took during the party.

 *** Warning PIC SPAM AHEAD!
Cake pops & Marshmallow Pops

"Centerpiece for the Kids Buffet Table"

Brownie Cheesecake  (had to cut the animal toppers by had as I do not have a die cut machine, the monkey was the most tedious of all)

Chocolate Spoons
So, this week, I've been trying to get my creative mojo back and I think I got it back some how. Was too engrossed on making treat boxes and printing digital papers.  I think there are a lot more variety in digital papers than in "real" papers. PLus I don't have to buy the entire pack. Although I WANT thos papers. Unfortunately it's not readily available where I am. There are some but it's too limited. So right now digital papers works for me.
Here are some of the boxes...

Apple is upside down... made a mistake when I inserted the paper in the printer.

That's it for this week... 


  1. Hello Riya, a great post, love the look of all that party food very creative. You've also made great use of those digital papers well done fabulous work x

  2. forgot to say happy WOYWW toni #107

  3. Wow! I wish I was at that party - it looks amazing! I love the cake pops and chocolate spoons, I've never seen those before but they look like great fun! And those treat boxes are fantastic..I wouldn't have noticed that the apples were upside down and I bet the kids didn't either :D Well done you!!
    Hugs, LLJ #71 xx

  4. Wow what a yummy desk!! I've never seen chocolate spoons before either - and the cake pops look delicious! I nearly bought something to make those a few weeks ago, now I wish I had!! I know what yu mean about digital papers - I'm getting quite a cd collection but my printer is so so - can't decide if it needs new print heads or I need a new one!! The funny thing is I never mind cutting into digital paper because I can always print it again but I have to keep my stash - to stroke it!! I think I have aproblem.....

  5. great desk, love the cubbys and such cute party food!


  6. Loads of fun things this week ! Lots of lovely colourful projects ! Ali#56

  7. Wow, fabulous pics, that must have been a gorgeous party!!

    :) Happy WOYWW!
    trisha, #148 this week

  8. How lovely of you to make such wonderful party goodies. My mouth is watering.
    Judy #11

  9. You are a great friend to make all those awesome goodies for the birthday.
    Love the boxes.
    Happy very belated WOYWW!
    Tertia #49