Saturday, September 29, 2012

Paper Flowers

     Making Paper flowers is soooo addicting.

     I found a tutorial on youtube that teaches you how to make your own paper flowers to put on layouts and other projects.

     Here are some that I made so far...

     So these are some of the paper flowers I made... 
     Off to making more...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Paper , Tape & WOYWW 172

Can't believe it's Wednesday again.  WOYWW time! Time flies so fast.  I'm off the floor, but still no "normal" desk.
I'm on my little desk, which I actually made myself. OK... not entirely.  I measured and sawed the wood needed, my cousin put it together, my uncle added some triangle things to make it stop from wobbling and I painted it :). It was meant to be a table that I could use for my laptop in bed but I ended sawing the legs a little longer. Without further ado... here's what's on it this week.

See... nothing much on it.

My brother's friend arrived from Japan last Saturday  and I had asked her to buy some washi tapes for me. I was so excited since she said she bought 7 rolls. But I got a little disappointed when I got. It wasn't washi tape. It was more like regular "plastic" tape with print on it. I was really expecting them to be washi tape ( the mt brand) since the designs from Japan are way cuter than the ones being sold here.
:(. I was also concerned about the residue of the tape, but there seems to be none. Here's a blurry picture of the tapes... sorry.

Nevertheless, the designs were super cute. So what do I do with cute tapes? I stick it onto something! I decided to cover my laptop since It's kinda dirty and there are scratches. And how did it turn out?
PERFECT!. I chose the tape with text on it. It would have been really cute if the text was japanese and it would fit me perfectly since I love japanese stuff, but the text is in french and is still super cute.

I also bought Paper. Did I mention I LOVE PAPER? Well who doesn't? In my city there is no specialty store that sells scrapbook paper like in the US. Our bookstore has a scrapbook corner the choices are so limited and some does not really fit what I have in mind. So when I found a little shop that had these paper packs ( not stacks) I got excited. Although some of the sheets are the same in other packs, I still like it. I bought 1 pack of 12x12 and 2 packs of 8x8.

the 12x12 pack
8x8 pack
2nd 8x8 pack
I think 6 pieces were even double sided and 4 pieces were glittered. Most of the sheets are thick.  Although there are specialty scrapbooking stores in Manila, shipping usually costs a lot since paper is heavy.  So I think I'm just gonna wait for the box my mom and brother sent me from the US. I'm so excited. They bought me a lot of scrapbooking stuff , stamps, punches, lots of paper packs and most of all my most "coveted" tool ... the ATG gun :).Now all I need is a "decent" scrap space.

I also need your opinion on something. I was thinking of getting an embossing machine. Which do you think is better? The Cuttlebug or the Bigshot? Thanks in advance.

Off to do something crafty...

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

WOYWW 171 ... No desk & Small Haul of Supplies

I've missed another week of WOYWW last week. I was out of town and had no internet connection. But I'm back this week and I still don;t have a picture of my desk. I have however... a picture of my FLOOR! That's where I'm scrapping as of the moment. My room's being tiled and painted so everything in it had to be placed in boxes.
Here's my floor...

Please don't mind my dirty laptop... these are some of the things I got when I went to Manila.

My favorite being the glass vials...
They're old medicine vials that are being sold for Php 4 / piece. I think it's expensive considering I could have gotten them for free from friends working in the hospital. But I don't think we have this in this shape here.  I think I should have gotten more if these. There are others but this particular shape caught my attention. I'm wondering what I should do with them.

Then I bought some flowers... again... they look like cabochons and they're just Php 20 / pack (50 cents).
This is the mixed pack. You could also get them in packs of a single design and color.

Then I got butterflies. Php 30/pack ( more or less 75 cents)
Again this is a mixed pack. Downside is, there's only 1 red, 1 black and 1 yellow.

Then I got what I call "half pearls".
They don't have any adhesive at the back by the way and they're only Php20/pack. There are other colors but I really wanted this one. There's also a bigger pack but I don't think I need that many pearls.

Then I got beads by strands. They're only Php10/per strand ( which means they're like 25 cents per strand)

So there you have it... Sorry not much of what's on my desk for this week. I'm hoping we could finish painting by the weekend so I can move my things back inside and craft properly. 
Now go and head on to Julia's blog for more crafty desks.