Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Paper , Tape & WOYWW 172

Can't believe it's Wednesday again.  WOYWW time! Time flies so fast.  I'm off the floor, but still no "normal" desk.
I'm on my little desk, which I actually made myself. OK... not entirely.  I measured and sawed the wood needed, my cousin put it together, my uncle added some triangle things to make it stop from wobbling and I painted it :). It was meant to be a table that I could use for my laptop in bed but I ended sawing the legs a little longer. Without further ado... here's what's on it this week.

See... nothing much on it.

My brother's friend arrived from Japan last Saturday  and I had asked her to buy some washi tapes for me. I was so excited since she said she bought 7 rolls. But I got a little disappointed when I got. It wasn't washi tape. It was more like regular "plastic" tape with print on it. I was really expecting them to be washi tape ( the mt brand) since the designs from Japan are way cuter than the ones being sold here.
:(. I was also concerned about the residue of the tape, but there seems to be none. Here's a blurry picture of the tapes... sorry.

Nevertheless, the designs were super cute. So what do I do with cute tapes? I stick it onto something! I decided to cover my laptop since It's kinda dirty and there are scratches. And how did it turn out?
PERFECT!. I chose the tape with text on it. It would have been really cute if the text was japanese and it would fit me perfectly since I love japanese stuff, but the text is in french and is still super cute.

I also bought Paper. Did I mention I LOVE PAPER? Well who doesn't? In my city there is no specialty store that sells scrapbook paper like in the US. Our bookstore has a scrapbook corner the choices are so limited and some does not really fit what I have in mind. So when I found a little shop that had these paper packs ( not stacks) I got excited. Although some of the sheets are the same in other packs, I still like it. I bought 1 pack of 12x12 and 2 packs of 8x8.

the 12x12 pack
8x8 pack
2nd 8x8 pack
I think 6 pieces were even double sided and 4 pieces were glittered. Most of the sheets are thick.  Although there are specialty scrapbooking stores in Manila, shipping usually costs a lot since paper is heavy.  So I think I'm just gonna wait for the box my mom and brother sent me from the US. I'm so excited. They bought me a lot of scrapbooking stuff , stamps, punches, lots of paper packs and most of all my most "coveted" tool ... the ATG gun :).Now all I need is a "decent" scrap space.

I also need your opinion on something. I was thinking of getting an embossing machine. Which do you think is better? The Cuttlebug or the Bigshot? Thanks in advance.

Off to do something crafty...


  1. Great tapes and so pretty
    Krisha #30

  2. Hi Riya, thanks for stopping by my blog. I have both a cuttlebug (have had for 2 years) love it. But, when I started buying the tim holtz dies (which are larger) I decided to get the big shot. And since I got it for $59.00 it was a steal. Love it too. #21

  3. Great tape designs and love the idea of covering up the lappy with it!! might have to pinch that idea

  4. i love how you made use of the tape on your laptop. i think for those who are not into arts and crafts, any design sticky tape must be what we call washi. :)... anyway, where in the Philippines are you? i grew up in Bacolod City.
    cheers, melinda alpha#28

    1. Melinda, I AM LIVING IN BACOLOD CITY!!!!

  5. O live the tapes, the laptop looks great! Wonder you will stick them on next! Happy woyww trace. X 58

  6. Really love the macbook lid now. Thats awesome!

  7. Great look for your laptop! Have a good day. Helen, 5

  8. Oooh I think all that tape is fabulous - love your finished laptop. Like those papers too. I am a big shot fan but have never owned a cuttlebug so cant really compare. Thanks for sharing - Sunshine Girl No. 68

  9. great looking tapes! I have a bunch of washi tapes from Japan and most have that plastic tape feel except the ones that are like Tim Holtz paper tapes. Love all the new paper stash! Have a great week. Vickie #733

  10. Those tapes are very cute and you are right, when I went to CHA last year, my ATG gun was the first thing I got, only problem is, they d not sell the tape in South Africa and I am on my last roll!!! Suppose I will have to have it shipped here.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #47

  11. hello again. i commented earlier and now it's hours later and when i checked, i was actually not in the list! oh dear, i was #28 then, thus i wrote that number my name. now i am melinda alpha #96...sorry for the confusion. i am confused myself :)...

    wow! small world! where in Bacolod? i have not visited for about 4 years now...

  12. Pretty tapes and I love how you have used one on the laptop.
    I am a Big Shot girl myself.
    Happy WOYWW and have a creative end to the week.
    hugs {brenda} xox #98

  13. You've done a good job on the laptop with the tapes...well done!
    Tapes look nice ...I have a Big shoot and love it!
    Jackie 31

  14. I adore what you did with your computer! Did you use the Apple sticker to get the apple so perfect? I've had both the Cuttlebug and the Big Kick (same as
    Big Shot) and prefer the Big Shot.

  15. love the tape on your computer :) Thank you for stopping by my desk
    Have a great woyww day
    Jennie #50

  16. Great tapes and a cool idea of using it on your computer.
    Sandra @105

  17. well, at least the tapes look pretty and from here look like washi, I got mine from My Minds Eye. Love how you covered your laptop!
    I would say go with big shot, does the same as the cuttlebug but so much more, I had a cuttlebug for years but finally gave in and got the big shot, now I never use my cuttlebug!

  18. Great use of the plastic tape ...maybe you have other bits that need covering so you can use the other designs. I only have a Big shot ...cant remember why I chose not to go with cuttle bug. Big shot is heavey and takes up space but is easy to use.Good luck with the choice ....go with your instinct. xx#8

  19. Great Idea on your laptop!! Sound like your box coming in will be lots of fun!! I buy my ATG tape from uline, not sure if they ship internatioanly but the prices are good. For the embossing machine, I've had a wizard, Grand calibur and just purchased an Ebosser and I love it!! I would spend the extra and go for the Ebosser, it takes all the dies and has the huge A4 size platform. If I couldn't get the ebosser, I would go with the bigshot.
    Good Luck!
    Ginny #24

  20. I love the way you decorated your lap top! Love all those tapes too! I'm fascinated with Japan too :) I have to ask...your profile picture...is it a reference to Fruits Basket?

    Katie (47)

  21. I love how you did that and you made it fit perfectly around the apple! That is just cool! Also love that it is in French. Thanks for visiting me earlier--you asked about my flower looming. It is a little flower loom I bought at Michaels, and it works like a charm. I use the circles for the flowers, and you just weave it back and forth, and then use the plastic needle to sew the yarn into the middle and you have a flower in five minutes! I did a blog about it earlier this week. Crafty hugs! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #36

  22. Very pretty taps, shame they weren't what you wanted. Great idea with your laptop though.
    Happy WOYWW

  23. You’ve done an amazing job covering your laptop with the tapes, I thought it was already like that when I first saw it. Now, if I tried to do something like that I would end up with lots of gaps between the strips.
    I have had a Cuttlebug for years and love it but have recently been considering treating myself to a Big Shot but only because I love some of the larger dies that are too big to go through the bug.

    Happy Crafting!

  24. Lovely papers. Was interested to read all the comments on the Bigshot/Cuttlebug debate as I'm trying to make up my mind on that one as well!!
    Bernice #3

  25. Thank you for visiting the pony girl...(My little grandaughter). She is so excited to get comments!
    I like my Big Shot as it can take the bigger dies. I also have arthritis issues and the big shot takes less "effort" for me to steady it as I roll the dies through. It is very heavy which sort of stabilizes it as you use it.

  26. Love how you have covered your laptop - unique and the papers are lovely, i have loads of papers I love them too. BJ#19

  27. I LOVE how your laptop turned out!! It's really great. Did you use an exacto knife to cut around the logo, or how did you get it so perfect looking?

    How sweet ouf your family to send you a big box of scrapping goodies! I would be so sad if I was in a part of the world where that kind of stuff wasn't readily available.

    Your question...I would have to go with the Big Shot since it's larger and you can do more with it if you ever decide to start buying dies. If you want something STRICTLY for embossing, Sizzix has a smaller model called the Texture Boutique...the one that looks like a cute blue purse. You can only emboss with it, and only A2 sized folders, but it's about a third of the cost of the other two machines and it's much smaller if space is an issue. It worked for me for about a year til I finally broke down and got a Big Shot.

    Amy E. #10

  28. Your lap top looks awesome cover in authentic washi tape not many have that! Good thing you quickly rebounded from the disappointment and put on your thinking cap! Get the Big Shot! Tamika#137

  29. You have done a great job with the laptop. I am glad you found another use for the tape. You can make your own washi tape by stamping on medical micro pore tape or similar.
    I have a Cuttlebug and a Vagabond and I use my Cuttlebug most of the time. It has never let me down.


  30. The laptop looks great!!! I've not ever used washi tape so I don't really understand the difference.

    I have a cuttlebug and I love it. I don't consider myself a serious cardmaker though. I've bought the Tim Holtz dies and embossing folders and they work well with it. Good luck, no matter which you choose.

    I'm still visiting from last week - sorry I'm so late!
    Hugs, Kay