Friday, April 13, 2012

Welcome to my Blog

     This is actually my 6th blog.  I have an LJ account for my fangirling purposes. I have a Wordpress account, which I have given up since I'm having a hard time with layout. I have a Dreamwidth account for... well just for the sake of it. I have a Tumblr account for pictures & gifs and I have another Blogger account which acts as my personal journal. So why open up another blog you ask?

     Well the answer is simple... it's because I'm CRAZY.... hehehe...

     Kidding aside, I wanted another blog just for crafts & stuff. You see, recently I've been hooked on crochet, yarns, felt, buttons, scrap and whatnot. So I wanted another blog where I can share my "amateurish" crafts.  

     My crafts does not only include "actual" paper, cloth, needle & thread kinda crafts. I'm also trying to do some digital crafts, if you can call them that. I'm not an artistic person in the sense that when I am asked to draw a person all I can give you is this...

    I try to compensate by doing some layout & design using the computer, so you'll be seeing some of my again "amateurish" works here.

    Oh and before I forget, my name's Riya, I'm a nurse but not working as one (don't ask why). I'm currently into some Japanese stuff. I love the color green. I HATE frogs and I'm afraid of mascots & clowns. My site's named after my 2 "IMAGINARY" daughters. Imaginary because these are the names I made that I wanted my "FUTURE" daughters to have. It's actually their nicknames.

         SAORI = Yori & RISAKO = Yayie

Did I mention I'm into things Japanese? Hence the names. The character in between is the Japanese character for the syllable "to", that when placed in between two things would mean "and". So it's read as Yori to Yayie. Yori "and" Yayie.

   Ok so I'm done with my explanation. hehehehe. Hope you'll have a blast visiting my "new" blog. Leave comments if you can. I'll try to update often since I'm back online after a 5 month hiatus... 

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