Tuesday, June 26, 2012

[iCreate 101] Altered Notebook

My brother knows that I like paper/notebooks, when he used to work at a car shop, he sent me a journal. It was actually a motoring journal that I think they give to their customers.

Ok I suck at taking before and during pictures. I was so excited that I worked on the project right away. So that's what it looked like before. there was this sort of plastic covering that's kinda peeling off.
I first covered the notebook with plain printer paper. After which I covered it it colored/embellished tissue.

It has some sparkles in it.
After covering it, that's when I started decorating it. Since I wanted it to be a sort of inspiration/idea book, what better way to keep me inspired than the picture of the guy i've been crushing on (hehehe).
Also, since the only embellishment I had lots of were flowers, I placed a lot.
This is how it turned out...

A little trivia on the "non-floral" embellishments. The multicored tape represents him and his bandmates. I call them my rainbow colored happiness. The fishes, since he loves to fish and the anchor goes to follow that he loves the sea. The key is a tribute to his just concluded drama "The Locked Room Mysteries"

So there you have it, my first altered project... more to come... I hope!!

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