Wednesday, October 10, 2012

First Mini Album & WOYWW 175

2 weeks. I've been absent form Julia's WOYWW link party for 2 weeks. I've taken pictures of my desk during that time but I wasn't able to do a post. So this week, I definitely have to join...
Here's my desk for the week.

Wondering where and how I craft since there's no space? Simple... I craft on the floor. You should see my floor too. :P
     I've been hoarding stickers lately and I was thinking how in the world did I not see the beauty of having stickers?
I also made my first ever mini album... When I say first, the first one I ever finished. I made it for my baby cousin...

I loved how it turned out and I loved making it. In fact I'm hooked on making mini albums... I have so much pictures of my family especially me and my cousins. I just hope I have a lot of embellishments to use. My cousins are mostly boys and I don't think my flowers would fit the layout. IF any body has any suggestions on how to put "flowers" on boys layouts I really appreciate it...

So that's my desk for the week... now onto finishing cleaning my room...
Happy crafting...


  1. Oh the adorableness! Your cousin is so cute!
    I have the same problem when crafting for guys. Your stash is filled with pink, hearts, and flowers and you're not allowed to use any of them! lol
    Hope you can figure something out. :)

    Happy WOYWW!
    Roudi #101

  2. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog today.

    All I did with the tags was used premade plain brown tags, added some twine through the hole at the top and then decorate. Another idea id to cut tags from pretty card stock and then punch a hole in the centre and thread through some twine.
    As for the recipe's name? It doesn't have one! I just made it up for my lunch
    Take care
    Jaki #100

  3. welcome back! that mini album page is lovely! it's always easier to do crafty projects for girls, i think :) alpha shanahan #92

  4. Your little album is very cute!! And hope you have a great WOYWW!
    Carol N #112

  5. Thanks for letting us peak at your workdesk. Your little cousin is so adorable!
    Wednesday Blessings,
    LisaDV #110


  6. I looked and looked and couldn't decide - is that a shoe??

    janet #63

  7. What a cute mini album and she is just adorable. Having 2 sons (now grown) it is sometimes hard to embelish those pages. I've hoarded stickers of toys, animals,cartoon characters, sports and music, as they both played in the high school band. Flowers? not so much LOL good luck on your future mini albums, they are fun to make a some how quicker than a 12 x 12.
    Krisha #30

  8. Sweet mini! I do sometimes use dark flowers on boy themed pieces...especially if I am keeping it for me! The craft floor is a common theme this week LOL Hugs, Sandi #37

  9. Ah we'll done, to finish anything like a project is huge, and this album is so's nice to do girls girl stuff isn't it. or boys, cut the flowers with square petals and use the famous windmill a treat. I don't often craft on the floor, too lazy!!

  10. Love the mini album and your cousin is so cute. I love making mini albums as well. Happy WOYWW Anne #91

  11. I don't know how you craft on the floor - I would never get up again!! I know some folk that like to stand up and craft - my Mum often stands and works on her ironing board - gotta be better than ironing I say - Me I am definitely firmly planted on my chair! You can use flowers on boys layouts but you gotta grungy them up a bit. add button centres with string ties. Use a less pretty pallet of colours - try layering with hessian or leather too. Use rosettes in place of flowers. Mostly have fun - some boys like pink! Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 54

  12. That mini album is so cute, I really must get one dont for my Grandson, I have thousands of photos after all.Like you Ive started a few but never get the first couple of pages.
    I stand up to craft I must admit, especially when cutting.

  13. Congrats on your first mini album! I did one last year this year I don't know if I'll make it Tamika #14