Tuesday, October 16, 2012

WOYWW 176... Stickers...

First things first.

Here's my desk for this week.

Seems like a lot is going on. Those are some of the stickers that I have been hoarding. The violet frame and the letters are chipboard . I also bought some fake tattoos. They come with glitter so it was cool to put on my mini albums. Not to mention they're cheap. The two misters contains my homemade alcohol inks. Note to self: USE GLOVES. Also I realized that alcohol inks are not to be placed on misters.  BUt I had fun making them. I spray them on doilies.

There's a mini album peeking under all the stickers. It's a mini album I made for my Japanese boys. Hope I get to finish it as I am starting another album for my baby cousin ... again.

There you have it so head on over to Julia's Blog for more desks around the world.

Happy Wednesday.

It's the Masskara Festival (Festival of Masks) here in our city. As a child I never really appreciated it since we used to watch it under the scorching heat of the sun. But now that I'm into crafting,  seeing these wonderful masks, some made from indigenous materials, I am in awe how these artist came up with the designs. Here are my favorite 2... will try to post some more when I have the chance... (sorry for the grainy pic... I used my phone)


  1. hello riya,
    thanks for visiting my blog. i have missed so many Masskara Festivals! anyway, how do you make your alcohol ink? i have not used one. #29 alpha shanahan

  2. Hi, thanks for stopping by! I've made my own homemade glimmermist, as well as owning far too many of the real ones! You certainly need gloves when you do this too.
    That dressmaker form is chipboard by Dusty Attic. It is nice, isn't it?
    Happy WOYWW, RosA # 27

  3. Oooh I didnt know you could homemake alcohol inks - what fun. Love your busy desk and the festival of masks sounds wonderful too. Thanks for sharing - Sunshine Girl no. 57

  4. Hi Riya - a real frenzy of stickers this week ! Looks great fun !
    The masks are so dramatic & such vivid colours ! thanks for showing us ! Ali #48

  5. Thanks for the sneak peek into those masks. They are so very interesting...so dramatic and colourful!

  6. Loads going on on your desk... and thanks so much for sharing those extraordinary masks - big WOW!
    Belated happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  7. Riya is your blog EOZ? Hahaha! From Sleeping Beauty to Arts and Crafts Queen!