Monday, July 23, 2012

Homemade Washi tapes

     I'm so hooked on washi tapes but can't seem to buy more since... well since I have no more budget for that.
     So imagine my extreme happiness when I found a tutorial from Craftpasion showing how to make an embossed homemade washi tape. Unfortunately, I do not own an embossing gun and was not so keen about using tissue/toilet paper.  Then I realized I have a lot of patterned tissue paper. The ones they use to wrap gifts and stuff.
patterned tissue
So I tried to make my own washi tape. And the verdict?... I LOVE IT!!!

So here's how I did it...
What I used:

     Double sided tape
     Pattered Tissue paper

How I did it:

1. Cut a strip of patterned tissue paper ( depending on how long you want it). make sure it is a bit wider than the double sided tape.

2. Attach the double sided tape to the wrong side of the tissue paper.

3. Cut the excess tissue paper, so you only have the width and length of the  double sided tape.

4. Peel the back once you're ready to use them.

I used them to washify another candle.

The downside though is that you can't cut it by hand like the normal washi tapes and you can't "reuse/reposition" them. But hey, this is a good substitute if you can't buy one just yet.

There you have it. So go ahead and try it. It's cheap and easy

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  1. I'm going to make some! I don't like spending much on craft materials! Patsy from
    HeARTworks and

    1. you can also use origami paper or even wrapping paper