Wednesday, July 25, 2012

WOWW 164 & Beaded Flipflops

     I was so excited for this week's What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday that I kept on refreshing my browser and checking out Julia's blog. But then I realized that I haven't even thought of what to make  today.
     Then I realized I have put off doing the beaded flipflops that I used to sell. So what better way to join this week's WOWW other than "showcasing" these flipflops.
     Before that, here's a glimpse of my desk...

     Now before you go on saying that my desk is "clean"...  I actually just cleaned it when I remembered I needed a picture for WOWW. To compensate, let me show you the other side of the desk...

     See... the "REAL" desk is right there.
     Now on to the flipflops.  It was actually one of my students who taught me how to make this. They were wearing these during their review for the Local board and I was so fascinated by them. I asked how  she made them and she willingly taught me how.  I ended up selling a bunch during Christmas. Since it's still summer on other parts of the world ( it's rainy on our side), here's something you could do and show off at the beach.
     So here's how I did it...

What I used:

     Old flipflops
     Different colored beads - have 2 beads that is bigger than the rest
     Nylon string ( I think this is the one that's being used in fishing rods)
     Needle ( I prefer the needle used for cross stitch as it has a bigger eye and is thicker)

How I did it:

1. Take your old flipflops ( in this case, my cousin's old flipflops) and cut the the "stoppers" thingy. Discard the strap.

2. Cut two strands of nylon ( 2 strands for each flipflop). This will depend on the size of of the flipflop. I suggest you make it quite long.

3. Pass through the strands into the eye of the needle and "thread" the needle through one of the stoppers. Please check the picture below.

4. Once you have both strands through the stopper, make sure that the stopper is in the middle of the strand.  It's going to look like the stopper is a pendant in a necklace.

5. Insert the strands through the top hole of the flipflop. It's going to look like there are 4 strands of string.

6. Take two opposite strands and thread through 6 beads in alternating colors. Do the same for the other two strands. Then take one of the bigger beads and thread through all four stands.

7. Now take 2 strands and put a bead through both strands ( in my case a yellow bead). Then take 4 beads ( blue) and thread through 1 strand. DO the same thing with the other strands. You're going to have 8 beads in all. 4 on either strand. Then take 2 yellow beads and thread through both strands. This sill act as a stopper. Repeat the same procedure. You can do another color or just the same one. 

8. Stop once you think the length is good enough and would fit your feet. Tie the strands twice to lock in the beads.

9. Repeat the same procedure with the other "strap".

10. Insert the remaining strands on the bottom holes of the flip flops.

11. Thread one strand of string (from one strap, as there will be 4 strands , two on each hole) onto the eye of the needle and thread through one of the remaining stoppers. I forgot to say that it's actually hard to do, so that's that the pliers are for. Once a small part of the needle comes out, I pull it through using the pliers.  Take the other strand from the same hole and repeat the same thing. This time insert the needle into where the strand came out.

12. Pull both strands so it will reach the last beads. Tie the strands around the stem of the stopper. You can tie it a lot of times. What I did was tie it on one side then turned the string around and tie it again. Two ties before turning it around should do it. The cut the excess strand.

13. This is how it's going to look like.

14. Repeat the same procedure with the other pair.

     So here's the finished product....

Hope it fits my cousin ( she was already asleep when I did this so I was not able to fit it in her feet).


  1. Get out of town!! CUTENESS!! My teenage girls are going to love this... #102

    1. thanks for stopping by... you can use pearls too...

  2. Very clever idea, nice desk too. Francesca #54

  3. How very generous of you to share your "how-to" for the darling flip-flops! Have a great week! Darnell #116

  4. What a great idea. You could match your flip flops to your outfits! Great tutorial - thank you. Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 39

  5. What a neat idea. I hope your cousin knew you took her flip flops to redesign them. :-)

  6. This is cute, so many designs you can make using this tutorial! Hope it's comfortable! Patsy from
    HeARTworks and