Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ribbons, Lace & Trimmings ... Plus WOYWW165

     I've been putting together the newer templates for the Arashi Paper dolls I got from another fangirl but had to stop in the middle of doing so... the template gets smaller. heheheh. Anyway here's my desk for the week...

Noting much going on on my desk. Head on to Julia's blog Stamping Ground to snoop at other crafter's desk. Oh by the way did I mention I hoard notebooks too? I bought some vintage looking lace and some trimmings... I'm starting an etsy shop soon and since I'm not that too confident with the stuff that I make, I decided to sell supplies first... so watch out for it... I also gave in to glitter. See those little tubes? Yes I bought glitter. I never really liked using glitter unless they're glitter glue. I don't like the little specks sticking in my hand. :p

Here's a sneak peek of the lace and trimmings I intend to sell soon...

More to come... Ribbons and buttons next...


  1. hi Ria! Nice to find another filipino on WOYWW! and thanks for the visit and really sweet comments! I'm goign to wander around your blog now! Patsy from
    HeARTworks and

  2. happy WOYWW! i enjoyed my visit to your blog today (great flip flop tutorial!) i love the look of your colored pens. so easy to find the right color!
    thank you for sharing!
    peggy aplSEEDS

  3. Happy Wednesday!

    LOVE the lace! Will you be selling abroad?

    Zildara #59

  4. Very pretty lace. I hope your shop is successful and your business grows to add many more fun things.
    Thanks for stopping by my grandaughters blog today. She is so excited to post on WOYWW today. She will phone me tomorrow night to ask me to read her all her comments! She seems so much older than 51/2 when she is with adults...but put her in a room of kids and she is just a kid...laughing and playing without a care in the world.
    In the meantime, i treasure this time with them both...soon they will grow up and not have so much time for us!

  5. I hoead notebooks too, think I need to see a doctor!

    Beautiful lace collection.

    Sheilagh 93

  6. Your desk is a riot of pretty colour - it made smile just looking at it!! You must have such fun choosing which colours to use. And your trimmings are gorgeous, they should sell like hot cakes!!
    Thanks for the birthday wishes!
    Hugs, LLJ #1 xx

  7. Wow! I want your workdesk. What scrummy stash. Thanks for comment x Cath#110

  8. Love your writing/drawing pens! #109

  9. Pretty trimmings! I agree with you about glitter - nasty messy stuff, lol
    Helen s #72

  10. You are obviously a girl into your colours - your desk is lovely & bright & cheerful ! the trimmings are too ! hope the etsy project goes well ! Ali #53

  11. Hi Ria,
    Thanks for calling by. My big purchase of reinkers works well because the postage is less and this 'clicks and mortar' store up in Cairns charges me a third less than my local paper art shop. Its mark-up is very high. Can't wait to get into them.
    Love your desk. That's a fine pen holder and the laces are pretty. Hope the Etsy shop goes well.
    Ros #60

  12. I'm frightened of glitter too!! Love the pen holder on your desk.